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Tag: pbi

  • Kris Moore - Building self-contained PBIs from Ports (Automagically)
    Source: BSDCan - The Technical BSD Conference
    Added: 26 May 2008
    Tags: bsdcan, bsdcan2008, slides, pc-bsd, ports, pbi, kris moore
    PDF file (120 Kb, 26 pages)

    Building self-contained PBIs from Ports (Automagically)

    Creating a self-contained application from the ports tree

    PC-BSD provides a user-friendly desktop experience, for experts and casual users alike. PC-BSD is 100% FreeBSD under the hood, while providing desktop essentials, such as a graphical installation system, point-n-click package-management using the PBI system, and easy to use system management tools; All integrated into an easy to use K Desktop Environment (KDE).

    The PBI (Push Button Installer) format is the cornerstone of the PC-BSD desktop, which allows users to install applications in a self-contained format, free from dependency problems, and compile issues that stop most casual users from desktop adoption. The PBI format also provides power and flexibility in user interaction, and scripting support, which allows applications to be fine-tuned to the best possible user experience.

    This talk would go over in some detail our new PBI building system, which converts a FreeBSD port, such as FireFox, into a standalone self-contained PBI installer for PC-BSD desktops.

    The presentation will be divided into two main sections:
    > The Push Button Installer (PBI) Format

    • The basics of the PBI format
    • The PBI format construction
    • Add & Remove scripting support within PBI

    Building PBIs from Ports "Auto-magically"

    • The PBI build server & standalone software
    • Module creation & configuration
    • Converting messy ports into PBIs