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Tag: marvell orion

  • Rafal Jaworowski - Porting FreeBSD/ARM to Marvell Orion System-On-Chip
    Source: BSDCan - The Technical BSD Conference
    Added: 21 May 2008
    Tags: bsdcan, bsdcan2008, slides, freebsd, arm, marvell orion, rafal jaworowski
    PDF file (193 Kb, 25 pages)

    Porting FreeBSD/ARM to Marvell Orion System-On-Chip

    This talk covers the development work on porting the FreeBSD/ARM to Marvell Orion family of highly integrated chips.

    ARM architecture is widely adopted in the embedded devices, and since the architecture can be licensed, many implementation variations exist: Orion is a derivative compliant with the ARMv5TE definition, it provides a rich set of on-chip peripherals.

    Present state of the FreeBSD support for ARM is explained, areas for improvement highlighted and its overall shape and condition presented.

    The main discussion covers scope of the Orion port (what integrated peripherals required new development, what was adapted from existing code base); design decisions are explained for the most critical items, and implementation details revealed.

    Summary notes are given on general porting methodology, debugging techniques and difficulties encountered during such undertaking.