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FreeBSD Multimedia

FreeBSD Multimedia Resources List

Links on this page refer to multimedia resources (podcast, vodcast, audio recordings, video recordings, photos) related to FreeBSD or of interest for FreeBSD users.

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If you know any resources not listed here, or notice any dead links, please send details to Edwin Groothuis so that it can be included or updated.

Tag: cli

  • Why I like the CLI
    Source: bsdtalk
    Added: 01 September 2007
    Tags: bsdtalk, cli, will backman
    Ogg version (12 minutes), MP3 version (6 Mb, 12 minutes)

    Why I like the CLI:

    • Uses minimal resources. Less space, less memory, fewer dependencies.
    • Transparency. GUI hides internals, limits options.
    • Similar between Unix-like systems. GUI tools seem to change every week.
    • Remote management. SSH rocks.
    • Everything is text. Configs, devices, output. CLI is natural complement.
    • Pipes and scripts. One time is hard, a thousand times is easy.
    • Only need a few tools. Grep, sed, awk, vi, cron.
    • Text config files. Easy to version, share, and comment.
    • Requires reading skills instead of clicking skills.
    • Much faster when you know what you are doing.