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New Mirrors 27.12.08

FOSDEM video mirror - Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting.

Upgrade 6.12.08

Enlarged surface of disk space: additionally ~1000GB (~1TB).
Replacing of a one existing network adapter 100Mbit fiber-ethernet to 1000Mbit (1Gbit).

Mirrors 31.10.08

GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) and K Desktop Environment (KDE) is an official mirrors.

Downtime notice 25.10.08

Today afternoon, the 25th of October. Part of Piotrkosoft service will be unavailable or partly unavailable. Probably maintenance time is few hours. Reason: hardware upgrade on a few machines and reconfigure operating system.

Upgrade .10.08

Upgrading of a one existing links up to 25Mbit.

New Mirrors 15.09.08

Savannah - Software collection from people committed to free software. Hosted and supported by GNU. Mirror run as Official.

New Mirror 4.09.08

New mirror: NetBSD - UNIX-like operating system, ISO image mirror.

IPv6 4.09.08

IPv6 is now available again.

New Mirror 2.08.08

New mirror: OpenBSD - UNIX-like operating system, official mirror.

Upgrade 15.07.08

Enlarged surface of disk space: additional 750GB.

Network 15.06.08

Network routing problem. Servers: Heather and Rachela is unreachable.

New server 13.06.08

New additional server: Rachela. Some functions: file indexing, file caching i other.

New Mirror 18.04.08

New mirror: Aminet - Large software repositories, games, and other stuff collection for amiga machine.

Nettools 13.04.08

Addition of dedicated search whois databases for RIPE, LACNIC, ARIN, APNIC.

3 Years Online 30.03.08

Third year of working Piotrkosoft server.

Upgrade 29.03.08

Replacing of a one existing SCSI adapter for tape drive.

Mirrors 2.03.08

Ubuntu is an official mirror
Ubuntu archive - packages mirror.
Ubuntu releases - ISO image mirror (contains: ubuntu, edubuntu, kubuntu).

New mirror 14.02.08

New mirror: Slackware linux distribution.

Server 12.02.08

Server is down between 4:00pm - 6:40pm. RAID controller failed.

Mirrors 1.02.08

CentOS linux is an official mirror.

Mirrors 30.01.08

Official debian mirrors
- Debian Archive - packages mirror.
- Debian CD - image ISOs mirror.

New Mirrors 25.01.08

Debian-Multimedia.org - official mirror.

Mirrors 22.01.08

Arch Linux distribution is an official mirror.

IPv6 21.01.08

IPv6 is temporary disabled.

Mirrors 20.01.08

New mirror: Ubuntu - Linux distribution.
Ubuntu archive - packages mirror.
Ubuntu releases - ISO image mirror (contains: ubuntu, edubuntu, kubuntu).

New Mirrors 19.01.08

New mirror: Debian GNU/LINUX - Linux distribution.
Debian CD - ISO image mirror.
Debian Archive - software (packages) mirror.
Debian www - website mirror.

Mirrors 13.01.08

CRAN - R language project is an official mirror.

New mirrors 12.01.08

New mirror: Mozilla.org
(Firefox, Thunderbird, Mozilla, Camino, SeaMonkey, Calendar and other)

New mirrors 2.01.08

New mirrors: CRAN - software environment for statistical computing and graphics,
GNOME - Graphical desktop environment for Linux,
Arch Linux - Linux distribution.

Archive section 1.01.08

Events from 2007 moved to archive.

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