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New mirrors 22.12.07

New mirror: Alpha GNU software. Experimental releases.

New mirrors 14.12.07

New mirror: the X Window System: XFree86 - mirror ftp and www.

Upgrade .12.07

Upgrading of a one existing links up to 8Mbit (1MB/s).
Enlarging surface of disk space , additional 1TB (1050GB).

Mirrors 7.11.07

Open-mpi now is an official mirror.

Mirrors 8.10.07

Open Office is an official mirror.

Mirrors 14.09.07

The Linux Documentation Project - now is an official mirror.

Mirrors 4.09.07

Internet Software Consortium (BIND, DHCP) is official mirror.

Mirrors 28.07.07

LibPNG as an official mirror, (PNG,MNG).

Mirrors 24.07.07

Qmail as an official mirror.

English version. 22.07.07

Piotrkosoft websites is now available in English language.

New mirrors 21.07.07

New mirrors: FreeBSD-CVS and FreeBSD Website.

Mirrors 20.07.07

Exim as official mirror.

Mirrors 19.07.07

LinuxGazette is official mirror.

New section 8.07.07

New section news archive. Events from 2005 and 2006 moved to archive.

New mirrors 7.07.07

New mirrors: gentoo-portage - ports for gentoo distribution, Netscape - website browser, mplayer - movie player - mirror ftp and www.

Mirrors 21.05.07

Official mirror perl libraries - CPAN.

Mirrors 18.05.07

Official mirror huge collection of free software foundation GNU.org.

Mirrors 10.05.07

TeX as official mirror.

Mirrors 7.05.07

Debian volatile is official mirror.

Mirrors 30.04.07

Official mirror of a text editor ViM. Possible access through www: www2.pl.vim.org ftp: ftp2.pl.vim.org

Mirrors 10.04.07

cURL as official mirror: curl.piotrkosoft.net

Mirrors 7.04.07

PostgreSQL is official mirror. Also possible access through ftp9.pl.postgresql.org (http,ftp,rsync).

2 Years Online 30.03.07

Second year of working Piotrkosoft server.

Mirrory 29.03.07

Xorg is an official mirror.

New mirrors 16.03.07

Official mirror of archival putty version.

Mirrors 19.02.07

LAM-MPI is an official mirror.

Mirrors 15.02.07

Official mirror: FreeSBIE. Also possible access by: (http,ftp) ftp.pl.freesbie.org and (rsync) rsync.pl.freesbie.org

Upgrade 3.02.07

Upgrade of a one existing links , up to 2200kb/s

New mirrors 2.02.07

New mirrors: Tucows - software for windows, KDE - Graphical desktop environment for Linux, OpenCD - Collection of Open Source software for Windows, Xemacs - advanced text editor , OpenOffice - Popular office package for multiplatform, Opera - www browser. Cygwin - Open source for windows.

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