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New mirrors 27.10.06

New mirrors : Image Manipulation Program GIMP, JTZ HOWTOs, Xorg - implementation of the X Window System, Knoppix distribution, soft-router - XORP (mirror: www, ftp), SMB implementation - Samba (www, ftp mirror).

New mirrors 15.09.06

New mirrors : Package manager - RPM, directory software - OpenLDAP, The Linux Documentation Project, Office package for mac os x - Neooffice, LibPNG - documents and specifications of PNG file, Internet Software Consortium (BIND, DHCP), ZSH shell, Programming language Ruby-lang.

Upgrade 31.08.06

Enlarge surface of disk space , additional 250GB.

Mirrors 20.06.06

Proftpd as official mirror. Also access through ftp9.pl.proftpd.org (http, ftp, rsync) and (IPv4, IPv6). IP added to ftp.pl.proftpd.org.

365 Days Online 30.03.06

First year of working Piotrkosoft servers.

Upgrade 17.01.06

The purchase second streamer DDS and additional 0,6 TB of cassettes. Replacing of a one existing network adapter 10Mbit to 100Mbit Fiber-Ethernet.

Mirrors 1.01.06

Lynx - is an official mirror, and added new mirrors netfilter.org, qmail.org, dokumenty RFC and other, more in mirrors section.

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