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IPv6 2.10.05

Connected serwer to IPv6 network. Ping6 and Traceroute6. Use over "www" in nettools section.

Ftp search section. 7.09.05

Search engine for resource of the server. It finds at an angle of files and directories. Several types of search.

Systems 1.09.05

New image of a linux: Debian, Mandrake, PLD, Slackware, Knoppix, SuSe, Fedora and Unix: NetBSD, OpenBSD.

Mirrors 28.08.05

Game mirror: "Live for speed" access from Live for speed website.

Mirrors 25.08.05

New mirrors: CPAN, CTAN, curl, info-zip, squid-cache, proftpd, rsync, xmms, ncftp, mrtg, ftpsearch, snort, procmail.

Upgrade 20.08.05

Enlarge hard disk space.

New section 16.08.05

New section "nettools". It contains basic network tools: ping, traceroute, nslookup and whois (to use by www).

Upgrade 27.07.05

Installation of next hard drive on server.

Mirrors 25.07.05

Offcial mirror of a PuTTY application, it working with SSH, telnet, rlogin and raw protocols. Access also from putty website in "mirrors" categories.

New hardware 17.06.05

Purchase of a DDS streamer and SCSI controller adapter.

Upgrade 20.05.05

Links upgrade 1536Kbit/768kbit + OC-3. And random access memory.

Mirrors 28.04.05

Available mirrors: text based website browser lynx, links, links2, elinks for unix-like system, proftpd ftp server, rsync, and VNC remote control program.

Start-up Piotrkosoft server. 30.03.05

Starting piotrkosoft.netinet.net , first hardware testing. Several TB available on FTP server. ISO image of a Redhat, FreeBSD systems.

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