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This server have a many software and games (Open Source, freeware, shareware, demos) and popular operating systems: Linux, UNIX and other, as well as software for them.

Offers duplicates, mirrors of popular software found on networks around the world.
All contents are updated frequently. Enables to on quick access for files.
Reduced transfer in source servers and international traffic.

Download section - software arranged in suitable categories.
Mirrors section - is sorted list of mirrors in alphabetical order and short explanation.
Search section - you can find files interesting for you.

Location: Europe, Poland, Oswiecim.
Possible access to resource of this server through: HTTP, FTP and Rsync.
Possible access to resource of secondary server: HTTP, FTP and Rsync.

Servers are connected to IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

server: Heather1 HP_DL-VM1 # 6:15AM up 7 days, load averages: 0.63, 0.41, 0.25 # 243
server: Heather2 HP_DL-VM2 # 6:15AM up 7 days, load averages: 0.13, 0.10, 0.13 # 258
Bandwidth utilization on this server 155,52Mbit OC-3

Bandwidth utilization Heather1 heather1:lagg1
Bandwidth utilization Heather2 heather2:lagg1

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7 Years Online 30.03.12

Seventh Years of Work the Piotrkosoft servers.

6 Years Online 30.03.11

Six Years of Work the Piotrkosoft servers.

New mirror 11.12.10

New mirror: MySQL - opensource database, mirror set up as official.

Upgrade 13.11.10

Enlarged surface of disk space: additionally 2TB.

Server/Mirrors 30.08.10

Restoring resources after partial failure of the disk array:
(CentOS, alpha.gnu.org, Ubuntu-Archive, Ubuntu-Releases, Freedos, Arch Linux, Debian, Knoppix, Neooffice)
- and updated resources +115GB.

Server/Mirrors 14.05.10

Re-add several mirrors after hardware failure: FreeBSD (1TB), Debian-CD, FreeSBIE - and refresh this resources +150GB.

Mirror 19.04.10

Official mirror: Linux kernel archives - Linux kernel with utilities and additional software.
Running on kernel.piotrkosoft.net and official aliases:
www.pl.kernel.org, www1.pl.kernel.org, www.piotrkosoft.lkams.kernel.org.

New Mirrors 7.04.10

New mirrors: Windowmaker - window manager for the X Window System,
Quagga - free software implementation of routing protocols, quagga.piotrkosoft.net.

5 Years Online 30.03.10

Five Years of Work the Piotrkosoft servers.

Upgrade 20.03.10

Upgrading of a one existing links up to 30Mbit.

Server 12.02.10

Failure of the main file server, damage motherboard, raid array controller failure. Several terabytes of data is offline.

Mirrory 22.01.10

Squid - proxy server is an official mirror, www and ftp mirror
www placed on squid.piotrkosoft.net.

Mirrors 17.01.10

NetBSD UNIX operating system is an official mirror
NetBSD iso image and website mirror.
NetBSD link to website mirror - netbsd.piotrkosoft.net.

New mirror 05.01.10

New mirror - PHP object-oriented scripting language, website mirror, php.piotrkosoft.net.

Mirror 13.11.09

Official aliases of FreeBSD mirror assigned to piotrkosoft (ftp2, www2, cvsup2) is changed to:.
ftp3.pl.FreeBSD.org, www3.pl.FreeBSD.org, cvsup3.pl.FreeBSD.org.

Archive section 14.10.09

Events from last year moved to archive.

New Mirror 14.10.09

New mirror: "mnoGoSearch" - web search engine software, mirror set up as official

Mirrors 13.10.09

Project Cygwin is an official mirror

Mirror 24.08.09

Official mirror: FreeBSD UNIX operating system.
FTP mirror (All architectures and releases, contains archival versions ~1TB)
Website mirror, placed on freebsd.piotrkosoft.net (Rachela server).
CVSup mirror cvsup.piotrkosoft.net.
Official assigned address to this servers/services: ftp2.pl.FreeBSD.org, www2.pl.FreeBSD.org, cvsup2.pl.FreeBSD.org.

Mirror 15.07.09

Official mirror of software collection from "Apache Software Foundation"
(Server Apache, Tomcat, Jakarta, James, Struts, mod_perl, mod_python and others.)

Mirrors 7.07.09

Proftpd website is an official mirror. Official assigned address to this resource: www.pl.proftpd.org (www1.pl.proftpd.org).
Placed on proftpd.piotrkosoft.net (Rachela server)

New section 2.07.09

New section "contact". Contains current address to contact with Piotrkosoft or notify for new mirror and other resource.

New Mirrors 30.06.09

Mirrors: NND Linux Router - mini distribution, working as router and server,
Unity-Linux - Linux distribution derived from Mandriva linux.

4 Years Online 30.03.09

Four years of work the Piotrkosoft server.

Nettools 21.03.09

New utility: Country resolver - Get the region code of server/machine from ip or domain name address.
This utility probably can find country code of physical localization.

Mirrors 2.01.09

FreeBSD mirror - update. All architectures and releases, contains archival versions (~800GB).

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